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Posts in the Category


Posts in the Category


How to Make Your First Dance One to Remember

You’ve just tied the knot and have entered the wedding reception hall. In just a few minutes it will be time for the two of you to share your first dance as man and wife. You’ll be under the spotlight in front of friends and family. Whether you have two left feet or you can […]

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3 Rules to Live By When Shopping for Wedding Flowers

A large part of the decor for a wedding are the flowers. They help to bring color and personality to an otherwise blank canvas, which is why finding the right ones are so crucial to planning your wedding. What many brides fail to realize, however, is that selecting wedding flowers goes beyond simply picking your […]

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Help Your Guests Beat the Heat at Your Summer Wedding

One of the most commonly overlooked factors when planning a summer wedding is the heat. Though the rain isn’t as unpredictable as it is in the spring and you certainly won’t have to worry about the freezing temperatures and snow of the winter, the summer heat can be a real pain the neck to deal […]

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Wow Your Guests With These Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas

Much like the entryway to your home, the wedding aisle is the first thing your guests will lay eyes on. It is not only the focal point for the rest of your wedding decor but what everyone will be paying attention to as they watch the bridal party enter the room. Naturally, you want them […]

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Bridesmaid Fashion Trends for Spring Weddings

The spring is the perfect season for getting married. The temperatures are just right, the scenery is picture-perfect, and the wedding fashion options are plentiful. When it comes to choosing wedding attire for the bridesmaids, narrowing down your options can be quite the task. Naturally, you want them to not only compliment the bride and […]

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Top Wedding Themes This Winter
Windsor Ballroom Wedding Receptions and Wedding Ceremonies in Central NJ 02

When the time comes to plan your wedding day, one of the most challenging things is knowing where to start. There is a laundry list of things to do, but choosing your favorites proves to be difficult. Before you pull out your hair so early in the game (just kidding), why not make things easier […]

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Makeup Trends for Winter Brides

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. So naturally, she’s going to be concerned about what she’s wearing, and more importantly, her makeup. Putting on makeup for your wedding day is nothing like your daily routine. You want to look elegant and chic while also remaining true to yourself. Though your […]

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Post-Wedding Thank Yous: Photo Ideas & Inspirations
Posted in Uncategorized, Weddings
NJ Wedding Thank You Ideas

Basic wedding etiquette states that couples have about three months after the wedding day to send thank-you notes to their guests. While writing “thank you” 100 times is a daunting task, the wedding thank you notes don’t have to be. With a little preparation on the day of, you can use your wedding photos to […]

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